St. Pete Homeowner Guide – a Blog Review

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Check out our compilation of top recent Blog posts for the discerning St. Pete homeowner.

Greetings St. Pete friends! We’re proud to share this wonderful city with you and are happy to bring you regular Blog updates to make you a more informed homeowner.

Not a regular reader of our Blog? No sweat…we got you. We’ve collected our most relevant posts over the past 18+ to you – the St. Pete homeowner – and combined them into one easy-to-navigate Homeowner Guide.

So please feel free to read on and click on the post titles that resonate with you – we hope you’ll find them helpful. If you have any questions at all about any of the items listed, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. You can find many ways to do so on our Contact Us page.


Post #1 – Best of the Best: St. Petersburg, Florida’s Top Neighborhoods

We make our selections for the city’s top neighborhoods based on property value, geography, safety, and other factors. It’s a 2-part series so be sure to check out both (link to Part II in article).

Post #2 – Up-and-Coming Neighborhoods in St. Pete

Lassing Park Old Southeast

These neighborhoods may not have made the cut in our “Best of the Best” series, but they’re well on the way. Great future potential here for those moving to or relocating within St. Pete.

Post #3 – General Contractor Red Flags

Quality General Contractors go far beyond face value. Don’t be fooled by the pretenders – here’s what to look out for when you’re making this important hiring decision.

Post #4 – Renovate or Rebuild? A Common Homeowner Hang-Up

There are a number of factors that come into play when deciding which direction to go with your major home upgrade decision. We work through them here to hopefully arm you with all the info you need.

Post #5 – Making Sense of FEMA, Flood Zones, and the 49% Rule

Stringent requirements put forth by FEMA can affect most homes within flood zones, which can make home construction very complex. We break down the impact this could have on you.

Post #6 – What Type of Outdoor Living Space is Right for You?

Outdoor kitchen Sun Bay Builders

There are plenty of options for available – and while some might not be suitable year-round for the hot & humid St. Pete climate, there are still many directions you can go based on your desires.

Post #7 – Breaking Down the Bid: the Cost of Home Construction

Jason Denniston and Mike Miano

There are many working parts go into a custom home construction project, some of which are constantly changing. We break down what goes into that final price.

Post #8 – Feast on These Kitchen Remodel Tips

Regardless of the reason, the realization that you need a new kitchen often comes suddenly, as does the desire to fulfill that need. Here are a few key factors to consider if you’re in the market for a remodel.

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