Luxury is Heading Outdoors

A guide to luxury outdoor living spaces, ideal for Tampa Bay homes and beyond.

A home isn’t confined to the space within its walls—the interior is merely a part of the experience. In fact, you wouldn’t know true luxury living until you leveraged the space outdoors! With that said, outdoor living is no longer only for nature enthusiasts. With outdoor structures on the rise, anyone can extensively enjoy the space surrounding their interior. This is also why the waterfront home builder, St Pete home design, absolutely loves projects that involve revamping the outdoors.

Keep reading for a quick but comprehensive guide on luxury outdoor living spaces—let’s have a quick look at what the hype is about!

Design Principles

Luxury outdoor spaces begin with a well-thought-out design. The architecture of home, the surrounding landscape, and the homeowner’s style preferences are taken into consideration to create a highend outdoor setting. This is also where custom-built structures (such as pergolas) as well as symmetry are factored in. Do you want a traditional setup with al fresco dining or a modern outdoor haven? The choice is yours to make!

High-Quality Furnishings

Outdoor living spaces call for furnishings that are not only comfortable—but also withstand weather elements. So, durability and clean-ability should be at the forefront when choosing outdoor furniture pieces. In that regard, plush sofas and oversized cushions (wrapped in weather-resistant fabrics) make for a cozy seating area. And if the homeowner is looking to go the extra mile—an outdoor kitchen setup makes for the perfect entertainment spot.

Lush Landscaping

Greenery is the major decorative element outdoors—so it should be on the top of the list when planning a luxury renovation for the outdoors! Maintained lawns, garden paths, and carefully-curated planters make for a surrounding view you’d love to enjoy for hours on end.

Smart (and Cozy) Lighting

Outdoor living spaces are illuminated during the day, but you’ll love spending warm summer nights outside, too. Consider charming market lights for a warm and flattering glow over your dining space. You may also want to opt for sun control in the seating area; to achieve the purpose without a permanent structure, a playful umbrella or sun sail can do the trick.

Fire and Water Features

Luxury can be added to outdoor living spaces with fire and water features. A grand fireplace—or a fire pit with comfortable seating—creates a cozy focal point, perfect for cool evenings. Another option is simple tiki torches placed strategically to frame an area. Additionally, water features such as fountains and ponds (bonus points for cascading water walls) add a sense of tranquility. Talk about creating a resort-like retreat!


Managing privacy in outdoor spaces can get a little tricky, but can be handled with a little foreplanning. Tall hedges, trellises with climbing vines, and strategically placed screens can create a sense of seclusion. This allows you to enjoy your outdoor retreat away privately.

Our talented Project Management and Design teams will work with you every step of the way to create the ideal luxurious outdoor setting for you, your family, and your guests. Contact us today to get the process underway!